How much are classes?

Price varies depending on the number of classes. We suggest buy in bulk, it’s the more economical and healthier choice.

I’ve never been to an indoor cycle class before can I still do it?

YES…let the front desk concierge staff know before class that you’re new. He/she will get you comfortable on your bike and inform the instructor that you’re new. Go at your own pace, listen to your body, and enjoy yourself!!

How do I book a class?

Resister on our web site, through our app or come into the studio.

How far in advance can I book a class?

7 days prior

Can I reserve a bike prior to class?

YES…you can pick your bike when you book a class through our website, app or in studio at our iPad stations.

Is there a beginner class?

YES…every Saturday from 11-11:30 am we offer a FREE class called “Intro to JP Classic” to get you familiar and comfortable with our bikes and how a class works.

Are there different classes for different levels of riders?

NO…our classes are tailored for all levels of riders. Our instructors will encourage you to keep up and push yourself to get the most of the class and make you feel better than you even have in a fitness class, but you need to go at your own pace, listen to your body, and do not injure yourself.

How do I prepare for a class?

Drink plenty of water before and after class. You’ll be working up a sweat! Eat a light snack, piece of fruit before coming to class. We offer complimentary water bottles, water and fresh fruit at our Hydration Station so stop by before or after class. Bring a good attitude and be ready for FUN!!

Arrival time/check-in?

Please arrive 15 minutes before class starts. Check in for class in studio.

What if I’m late?

Studio doors close 5 minutes after the start of class, no exceptions. This is for your safety and the courtesy of the instructor and other clients.


Complimentary cycling shoes, water bottles, fruit, towel, lockers, dressing rooms stocked with all you need to freshen up and go about your day.

Do you offer cycling shoes?

YES…they are complimentary and are available on a first come, first served basis. You can reserve shoes when you register. Sneakers are allowed, too!

Can I wear my own cycling shoes?

YES…our bikes are compatible with SPD cleats only.

Can I ride if I’m pregnant?

We say yes, but you must check with your doctor before taking a class.

Do you have childcare available?

No, unfortunately we don’t.

Do you have showers?

No, but our changing rooms and rest rooms are fully stocked with toiletries you’d find at home so you can freshen up and go on about your business!

Do you have lockers?

Yes, please bring your own lock! We are not responsible for stolen or missing items.